Study at CESI Graduate School of Engineering

One school, several choices, your future

CESI Graduate School of Engineering at a glance :

  • Founded in 1958 by five leading French industrial companies (Telemecanique, Renault, SNECMA, CEM, Chausson)
  • Over 6,000 students
  • 25 locations all over France, but also in Cameroun (Douala) and Algeria (Alger and Oran)
  • Problem-based learning fully implemented in the IT specialization
  • Internship periods embedded in the curriculum
  • English-based projects or deliverables
  • One fully English-taught semester
  • Immersive learning weeks in English
  • At least one semester spent abroad, possibility to extend to 2 or more (dual degrees)
  • Two dual degrees in Québec (Maîtrise en informatique/ DESS en génie logiciel), one in UK
  • Over 70 partner Institutions all over the world
  • International lecturers and visiting professors
  • Fablabs and technical equipment
  • Individual guidance
  • Buddy programme
  • A strong CESI Alumni network

Programmes provided:

The specialization in IT is a 5-year degree programme leading to a Master degree in Engineering (Diplôme d’ingénieur).

The enrolment is possible in :

  • Year 1
  • Year 3 – to enter the Engineering degree (3-year course)
  • Executive Post-Master degrees (12-month course)
  • PreMaster and Pre-DI for international students with « n+i »
  • Exchange programme (for partner university’s student or « free mover »)

Study at CESI Graduate School of Engineering :

Details of the different programs

Admission in the Exchange programme :

  • Partner institution : the exchange programme is open to students coming from CESI partner institutions. If your university has a partnership with our School, check with your home institution if you are eligible for an exchange at CESI Graduate School of Engineering
  • Free mover : if your university is not a CESI partner, you can come on an individual basis as a « free mover » for one or two semesters. If you are eligible, you will have to cover tuition fees.

Admission in the first year of studies

  • Conditions : you must apply during the last year of secondary school (baccalaureat or equivalent foreign diploma). You are eligible if you attend a highschool programme with a focus on sciences (mathematics and physics). You must have a good command of French (B2 or equivalent).

Pre Master – open to non French-speaking students

Pre DI – open to non French-speaking students

Master degree in engineering – IT specialization

  • Conditions : you must be completing your 2nd year of higher education in the fields of sciences or techniques. You must have a good command of French to enrol in this degree (B2 or equivalent). English is also required as a command equivalent to B2 is required to graduate.

Executive Post Master degree

  • Conditions : you must have completed a 5-year degree, equivalent to a Master, to enrol in this degree programme.

Please contact our International Relations office to learn more about it: