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Studying in France

As part of an exchange program between your school and Ei.Cesi, you have the opportunity to spend some time in France for an immersion program combining work placement in a company and academic training on one of our campuses.

A forerunner of the extension of apprenticeship programs to higher education, Ei.Cesi boasts over 600 Master’s degree graduates every year, and ranks first in France in terms of apprentices in the field of industrial management.
You can choose either one of 2 schemes:

  • A semester including a 3-month placement in a company or research laboratory
  • A short stay including a placement in a company or research laboratory

The semester program will allow you to validate the equivalent of 30 ECTS credits, which corresponds to an academic semester.

The Short stay program will allow you to select a number of modules, chosen among the period program, each corresponding to ECTS credits.

A specific program can be settled with your school.

These programs are free of tuition fees. European students can also be eligible for an Erasmus grant. The company will usually contribute to your expenses.

You will be integrated to a group of French students who follow our three-year combined work/training program in industrial management. You will, as they do, be tutored at school by an academic advisor and in the company by a professional supervisor who will both accompany you throughout the semester.

This period in France will provide you with a valuable new cultural and professional experience, to discover or improve your command of the French language and of course to enrich your curriculum vitæ.

The number of places is limited and each application will be considered individually. Validation will be pronounced according to your university background and your possible experience in companies. Your level in French will also be taken into account to better integrate you in the courses. We also offer French as a foreign language course through distance learning.